Superb Individual Attention To Customers - An Emirates Airlines Example

Last week I wrote about Thames Water and its crisis management with an issue in our neighbourhood. While writing that I got reminded by another good experience I had namely with Emirates Airlines. As a customer it is not often »

Crisis Management Done Right - A Thames Water Example

Customer satisfaction is a key metric in any customer-facing business. Some businesses - such as Amazon - have taken it further and made it their number one leadership principle. As a side note, I can proudly say that my most »

Does It Make Sense For Smaller Teams To Automate?

Increasing the productivity of development teams has always been a crucial challenge for every technical manager. Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban are rightfully a popular approach to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. However today I would like to »

How Many Suitcases Do You Need To Emigrate?

This morning on Christmas day, when many others are unpacking their gifts and new possessions, I read an article about a couple travelling through Europe for three weeks without any luggage but one set of clothing. This made me think »

Goodbye, Dubai

It's time to say goodbye to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. On 28th Feb, my wife and me are going on a new adventure, traveling to few places and eventually joining an interesting new startup. Exactly one year ago »